Your neighbors dog bites your son, who is liable?

You weren’t comfortable when your neighbor in San Luis Obispo, California decided to get herself a Pit Bull for protection. It was cute as a puppy but it grew to about 85 pounds and became very intimidating. Finally, it happened. Your discomfort became horror when the dog got loose and bit your son while playing in his own backyard. He was injured and treated for a severe dog bite.

Now you face many medical bills including the prospect of expensive plastic surgery to help your son recover. It is important to know that California Law on dog bites imposes “strict liability” on dog owners. The owner of the dog is liable for injuries to another person for an unprovoked dog bites while the person is on public property or lawfully on private property.  The dog need not have a history of violence nor does the owner have to have knowledge of any history of violence for the standard to apply.

Your best plan of action is to contact a California personal injury attorney experienced in handling dog bite cases. These lawyers know the rules and they will work with you to prove that your neighbor is liable. They also know how to deal with the homeowners’ insurance company that may not be so willing to fully compensate you for your son’s medical costs.

A dog attack can cause lasting physical and emotional scars. Don’t wait to consult an experienced attorney who can represent your interests and help heal the wounds. Make the call now.

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