7 Safety Tips to Avoid Burn Injuries

7 Safety Tips to Avoid Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are some of the most painful, long-lasting and psychologically damaging types of personal injuries that victims can suffer through. Not only are the burns immensely painful, but they require a lot of care during healing and the recovery process can take months to fully complete. Once the burns are all healed, victims often

Bicycle versus auto accidents on the rise

In many ways, California exemplifies modern car culture with its system of modern freeways and parking facilities. Although most Californians cannot imagine life without a car, more and more people are using bicycles for daily transportation, exercise and recreation. Unfortunately, many drivers have not yet learned how to safely share the road with bicycles and

Making a claim for chronic neck pain

Antitort proponents often trot out stories of fraudulent whiplash claimants in their defense of the insurance industry. A recent study overturns this stereotype and reveals a serious gap in how compensation is being awarded in certain personal injury cases. Researchers from the North Carolina School of Medicine followed nearly 1,000 people who were treated in an emergency

Determining fault auto collision

Even for the most seasoned Aurora Grande traffic attorney, it can be difficult to identify exactly who is at fault in some collisions. Although it is in your best interest to seek competent legal representation after an auto accident, even if you think you are at fault, there are a few quick tips to help identify fault in most

New regulations focus on trampoline injuries

One of the more contentious areas of premises liability law involves public recreational facilities such as swimming pools, water parks and now, trampoline parks. What constitutes reasonable safety precautions for activities that are inherently risky? According to State Senator Ted Lieu, trampoline parks are not doing enough to prevent patrons from potentially serious injuries. He