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Personal injury accidents can happen to anyone at anytime in California, and always when you least expect it. If you ever suffer an injury due to the actions or negligence of another, or are involved in an accident caused by another, it is imperative that you contact an experienced personal injury lawyer serving Paso Robles immediately. Steven P. Roberts Personal Injury Lawyers have been helping personal injury victims obtain justice from those who caused their injuries and have been assisting clients in negotiating with insurance companies for seventeen years. Our legal team knows the ins-and-out of practically every type of personal injury claim, and has extensive experience aggressively fighting insurance companies to make sure our clients obtain the maximum possible settlement amount that they deserve. 

Compensation for Personal Injury Victims 

When a victim suffers an injury at the hands of another in Paso Robles, the victim may be entitled to damages through a personal injury claim. Damages fall into two categories in California: economic damages and none economic damages. 

●      Economic damages. As a general rule, damages that can be accounted for easily are considered economic damages. These can include damages sought for past and future medical expenses, repairs and restoration costs for damaged property, lost wages, and lost economic opportunities. 

●      Non-economic damages. Damages that are less simple to determine are considered non-economic damages, such as damages for pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of consortium, and in some cases, punitive damages (i.e., monetary damages that are meant to punish the defendant).  

Personal injury damages for simple negligence cases are meant to restore the victim to a whole and to compensate the victim for their losses. Punitive damages are often reserved for product liability cases or defective pharmaceuticals, and are not awarded in simple personal injury cases based on negligence.  Additionally, in some situations there may be a statutory cap on how much a personal injury victim can obtain in damages on their personal injury claim. For example, none economic damages for medical malpractice claims are statutorily capped at two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. 

Common Causes of Personal Injury Claims 

Personal injury law is an expansive legal field because personal injury claims can arise from all types of injuries or accidents. A few common causes of personal injury claims in Paso Robles include: 

●      Automobile accidents

●      Bicycle accidents

●      Truck accidents

●      Motorcycle accidents

●      Pedestrian accidents

●      Boating accidents

●      Bus accidents

●      Train accidents

●      Workplace accidents

●      Construction accidents

●      Defective products

●      Defective pharmaceuticals

●      Medical Malpractice

●      Burn accidents

●      Spinal cord injuries

●      Neck injuries

●      Head injuries

●      Slip and fall accidents

●      Animal bites

●      Drowning accidents

●      Wrongful death 


California Comparative Negligence Explained 

Under California law, when personal injuries result from the negligence of another, liability for the sustained injuries is determined according to a pure comparative fault model. This means that each party to an accident or personal injury claim is responsible for his or her respective share of his or her liability for the accident. Even if the personal injury victim is partially at fault for causing the accident that caused the victim’s injuries, the victim may still seek damages from the other party up to that other party’s share of the liability for the accident. 

By way of example, if a victim of a car accident is found to be ten percent liable for causing a car accident because the victim did not check to the left before turning, and the defendant was found to be ninety percent at fault for causing the accident because he was texting while driving at a high rate of speed, the victim would be entitled to recover ninety percent of his or her damages. 

Or for example, if a car accident involves Cars A, B and C, where Car A is sixty percent liable, Car B is thirty percent liable, and Car C is ten percent liable, Car C can seek damages from the drivers of Cars A and B in accordance with their respective share of the liability for the accident. If Car C’s damages are one hundred thousand dollars, Car A would be liable for sixty thousand dollars while Car B would be liable for thirty thousand dollars. Because Car C is ten percent liable himself, Car C cannot seek damages on the ten percent of liability that he himself is liable for.  

Handling A Personal Injury Claim

Every personal injury case involves a thorough investigation as to the scope and extent of the injuries and careful analysis of who is potentially liable for those injuries. Where applicable, an assessment should be conducted regarding any insurance companies that may be liable to the victim as well. Also, when worse comes to worse and a settlement cannot be reached, your case will have to go to trial before a judge and jury. With so many legal fronts, it can be difficult to handle a personal injury case on your own, especially since you should be focusing on recovering from your injuries. Let an experienced personal injury lawyer, like the lawyers at Steven P. Roberts, take on the tough legal issues you face, so that you can spend your time and energy on recovering and getting your life back on track. 

Getting Help With Your Paso Robles Personal Injury Claim 

No matter whether your personal injury claim stems from an accident or from the negligence of another, the personal injury lawyers serving Paso Robles at Steven P. Roberts are here for you. We strive for our clients to obtain a successful resolution for their personal injury claim. We work hard to negotiate settlements that accurately reflect the harm suffered, and if a case goes to trial our personal injury lawyers will aggressive represent your interests and fight for your rights. 

Why not schedule an appointment to discuss your case with one of our attorneys today? An  experienced lawyer from our team will conduct a one-on-one consultation with you to discuss your injuries, how those injuries occurred, and all of the other important aspects of your personal injury claim. For a free initial consultation, please contact us through our convenient online form or by calling 800-258-4848 today.

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