Burns are among the most difficult injuries to endure, leaving you physically and emotionally scarred. Burns come in a variety of forms, including fire-related, chemical and electrical. No matter how you were hurt, Steven P. Roberts Personal Injury Lawyers work with you to make sure that those who had a hand in your injuries take responsibility. We work with a team of medical advocates to ensure that you get the treatment and attention you need during this difficult time.

Common ways victims are burned in accidents

Burns aren’t limited to open flames and explosions. They can come from a variety of sources, and in many different settings. Some types of burns can have worse effects than others:

  • Thermal burns — Fire remains a typical cause of burns, especially in building fires and accidental explosions. Hot tools or materials can be equally dangerous. Improperly maintained HVAC equipment, exposed motors and malfunctioning products can all cause harmful burns.
  • Scalds — Hot or boiling liquids can also cause thermal burns, but have the added problem of staying on the surface they hit. Unlike being grazed by an open flame for a moment, hot water or grease will stay on your skin, continuously burning it.
  • Electrical burns — An electrical current can injure or kill when it strikes a human body, but it can also burn flesh. Low- and high-voltage currents can penetrate your skin, and even an electrical current passing over your skin will cause a burn.
  • Chemical burns — Acidic or alkaline substances often cause the most severe burns, as the source of a chemical burn may persist longer than a flame or electrical discharge, much like a scalding liquid. These burn injuries often occur in the workplace, particularly in industrial facilities or research environments.
  • Radiological burns — Many medical and visualization tools use radioactive elements to pierce organic matter. If not properly blocked and controlled, alpha, beta and gamma radiation will burn living cells. Though invisible, in too high a dose, this radiation will kill a person just as effectively as a fire.

Severity of a burn and the damage it can do

Burns can have a range of effects, depending on the intensity. Levels and symptoms include:

  • First-degree burn — Reddening of the skin; generally has a good prognosis
  • Second-degree burn — Identified by blistering or blanching; risk of infection, scarring and limited mobility
  • Third-degree burn — Scarring and contractures become more prevalent; may require amputation in certain circumstances
  • Fourth-degree burn — Amputation of extremities or limbs likely; significant motor impairment; possible death from complications

If you’ve suffered a burn injury, demand compensation for any damage

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