The construction industry is littered with hazards for workers and passersby alike. Heavy equipment, unfinished structures, terrain work and other dangers are always present. Every construction employer must have an injury and illness prevention program in place by law. If you’ve been injured due to unsafe conditions or an accident on a construction site, Steven P. Roberts Personal Injury Lawyers can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Common accidents to watch out for on construction sites

Caution is your best protection on a construction site, but even the most aware worker is at risk from unseen or unexpected events, such as:

  • Building collapses — Whether a work crew is demolishing or building an edifice, if someone is in the wrong place and a building comes down, the person can be trapped, crushed or killed.
  • Carpentry accidents — Saws, screws, nails, hammers and unwieldy planks can lead to a variety of injuries, including lacerations and blunt-impact trauma.
  • Construction site falls — Lack of protection from falls was OSHA’s most frequent safety violation in 2012. Whether due to a defective ladder or a lack of proper harnesses, a sudden drop may cause injuries ranging from broken bones to severe head trauma.

Injuries you’re likely to see at a work site

With accidents come injuries, a fact to which many construction workers can attest. While some injuries won’t affect your job and have minimal impact, others can leave you unable to work because of constant pain and limited mobility.

  • Fractures — Broken arms are a common result of tool malfunctions, while falls often result in broken legs and collarbones. It can take weeks or months for a break to heal, with stiffness remaining after a cast is removed.
  • Spinal cord damagePinched nerves and displaced or fractured vertebrae are some of the most severe injuries a worker can suffer, causing chronic discomfort and possible paralysis.
  • Burns — Welding equipment, roofing tar, asphalt and other construction materials can severely burn you, causing tissue and nerve damage.
  • ShocksDefective power tools or improperly installed power sources put you at risk of being electrically shocked, which can cause damage to your skin and muscle and affect heart function.

If you’ve suffered an injury on a construction site due to inadequate safety procedures or another worker’s carelessness, the resulting medical costs and lost income can become a burden. Steven P. Roberts can help you get the payment and care you deserve.

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