When you purchase a tool, piece of equipment or any item, there is an unspoken agreement that the product will work as advertised. In the worst cases, a faulty product will injure you or put you in harm’s way. Steven P. Roberts Personal Injury Lawyers make sure that the product’s maker takes responsibility.

Know the risks of a malfunctioning device

Defective products fail in a number of different ways, putting you in danger or physically injuring you:

  • Defective design — Some goods have a flaw in their design, and every model made puts its user at risk. The flaw may not be readily apparent or affect every user, but it is no less a danger.
  • Defective manufacturing — A missing component, subpar materials or error in the building process can result in a substandard product. If the product passes quality control with these flaws and ends up in your hands, you can be hurt or killed.
  • Inadequate warnings or instructions — Many products, like power tools or electrical equipment, can be working perfectly fine, but still be hazardous if used improperly. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to provide proper documentation about the risks involved, or to make training available to consumers.

What kind of damage can defective products do?

Injuries caused by defective products vary with the uses of those products. A broken safety harness may cause a back injury, while a malfunctioning flat iron can burn the head or face. Typical injuries include:

  • Head trauma — Whether caused by an electric shock, a fall or the failure of a protective helmet, head injuries are among the most dangerous and expensive injuries for victims.
  • Face injury — People are often injured while inspecting a defective product. If the product malfunctions again while you are looking at it, it can cause severe damage to the face or eyes, and even blind you.
  • Brain damage — A severe blow to the head from a faulty product may result in cognitive impairment, contusions or concussion.
  • Back injury — A fall from a defective ladder and the unexpected force of a pneumatic tool are just two ways your back and spine can be shocked and injured due to product flaws.

If a product fails and you suffer because of it, let us help you in court

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