Swimming and diving are a great form of exercise, recreation and relaxation. But if the conditions aren’t right or a body of water isn’t properly maintained, hazards abound. If a loved one drowned, you deserve to be compensated for your emotional suffering. Steven P. Roberts Personal Injury Attorney is a voice for those who have drowned because of dangerous conditions or a property owner’s negligence.

Types of diving and drowning accidents

Simple oversights can quickly turn deadly when water and submersion are involved. You can lose consciousness in less than two minutes underwater and suffer brain damage within four minutes. Common drowning incidents often involve:

  • Negligent lifeguard supervision — People assume that if a lifeguard is on duty, a drowning person will be noticed, but distraction or understaffing leaves swimmers vulnerable.
  • Failure to post warnings — Proper signage about water depth and access to water are important to keeping passersby safe.
  • Resort and hotel accidents — Pools at resorts and hotels are often busy, with people swimming and walking around. It can be difficult to notice a problem before it’s too late.

Any drowning incident under these circumstances is a wrongful death. People should expect to be reasonably safe around or in water provided by an establishment, and if they aren’t, it is the property owner’s responsibility.

Causes of drowning in Central California

There are always risks when working or playing around water, but below are some common ways people drown:

  • Insufficient or faulty flotation devices — California law requires you to carry one life jacket for every person onboard your boat. It is often a good idea to have extras as well, in case one isn’t a proper fit or turns out to be defective.
  • Slip and fall — Improperly maintained walking lanes are particularly hazardous when there is water nearby. Someone walking by can slip and fall into the water, becoming disoriented and drowning.
  • Pool drains — One of the most common pool accidents involves a child getting too close to a drain and becoming trapped by the force of the suction. Drains may be difficult to see at the bottom of a pool, and by the time the pool is cleared, the child may be unconscious or dead.

If you’ve lost a loved one in a drowning incident, let us help you get justice

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