Filing a claim as a motorcycle owner is an uphill battle. Many people simply assume that the motorcyclist is at fault, especially insurance companies who don’t want to pay damages to a rider. Steven P. Roberts Personal Injury Lawyers is an avid on-and off-road biker and a member of the American Motorcycle Association. We understand the dangers and challenges of riding, and we’re ready to go after the insurance companies on your behalf.

What to do after an accident

A motorcycle is different from any other vehicle on the road, but when a motorcycle accident happens, it’s important to treat it like any other accident, if possible. It’s important to remember these automobile accident tips:

  • Stay where you are — Even if you are able to get up and ride again, stay at the scene until authorities arrive so you can provide your license and other information.
  • Do not admit fault — As long as you are not primarily responsible for an accident, you are eligible to recover damages, so do not suggest that you might be responsible or you could end up taking most of the blame.
  • Take pictures — Get a visual record of the scene of the crash to back up your story if the insurance company rejects your claim.
  • File a personal injury claim — Many riders hesitate to file a claim because they worry they won’t be taken seriously, but being the first to file for an injury in a motorcycle accident makes an important impression.

California law pertaining to motorcycle accidents

For your best chances at a successful personal injury claim, it’s important to know the rules of the road as they apply to motorcyclists in Central California:

  • Helmet laws — All riders are required to wear a helmet, though eye protection is optional.
  • Headphones — You can only have a headphone on one side at any time, whether it’s in-helmet or in-ear, though hearing aids are permitted.
  • Lane splitting and sharing — Motorcyclists in California are permitted to drive between lanes of traffic, or to ride two abreast in a single lane.

What happens when your bike or equipment fails?

Sometimes the bike itself causes the accident. Other times, the helmet or padding you were counting on to protect you comes apart or doesn’t do its job. If a faulty part makes you crash or a defective safety item leaves you vulnerable, the manufacturer should be held accountable for your accident and any injuries you suffer.

Work with an attorney who loves riding as much as you do

Talk to Steven P. Roberts Personal Injury Lawyers about your accident, who was at fault and the medical care you need. With a team of medical advocates, we can determine the compensation you require and fight the insurance companies for payment on your behalf. The office is in downtown San Luis Obispo, just outside of the historical district. For those who have suffered an injury in Fresno, we now have an office there as well. Parking is available. Contact us online or give us a call at 805.250.1511 today.

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