Whether for convenience, exercise or out of habit, walking is a perfectly serviceable way to get around, especially in nice weather. When pedestrians and motor vehicles cross paths, however, a pedestrian is always in more danger of injury. Steven P. Roberts Personal Injury Lawyers understand that drivers have to take responsibility when they’re behind the wheel. If you’ve been injured while walking along a road, we go after the driver who hit you to pay for your damages.

Types and causes of pedestrian accidents

In 2010, 70,000 people traveling on foot were injured in automobile accidents. There are many dangers to walkers on the roads of California:

  • Driving aggressively — Sometimes a driver is too busy weaving through traffic or trying to outpace another car to notice the pedestrians on the road ahead.
  • Driving too fast — High-speed accidents have the most force behind them and often severely injure people on foot.
  • Failing to stop at a crosswalk — As a pedestrian, people often assume they have the right of way in a crosswalk or with a walking signal.
  • Colliding with bicycles — People on bikes may be focused on avoiding a nearby car or truck. A collision between a biker and a pedestrian is often harmful to everyone involved.

Conditions leading to an accident with a walker

Some places are more dangerous than others for pedestrians. It’s important to understand what makes an area hazardous, and to know when you need to be extra careful:

  • Unsafe intersection — Some crossroads have particularly sharp turns, obstructed visibility or no traffic control where it’s needed most. As a result, pedestrians may be crossing the road without realizing a car is coming.
  • Dangerous premises — If a road isn’t maintained or there are inclement weather conditions, it can reduce drivers’ control on the road and make a collision more likely.
  • Distracted drivers — Whether they’re talking on the phone, texting or trying to fix their hair, if drivers aren’t being attentive, it puts anyone who steps on the road at risk.

Types of pedestrian injuries

A pedestrian accident happens in two parts: the initial strike and the aftermath. The hit puts the most force directly on the victim, but the aftermath is more unpredictable, and the injuries can vary depending on what happens:

  • Head and spinal injury — The force of a vehicle strike and the jarring motion of being physical thrown can overextend the neck and twist the back.
  • Fracture — A thrown pedestrian might hit the ground or another obstacle, or have a limb run over upon landing, breaking one or more bones.
  • Fatal injury — If a pedestrian is run over or struck at high speed, the impact can be devastating, crushing or puncturing internal organs and killing the victim either on impact or shortly thereafter.

If you’ve been hit or run over while on foot in Fresno or San Luis Obispo Counties, let us help

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