Manufacturers are expected to make safe, quality goods. When products don’t behave as expected or as advertised, the producer is responsible. Steven P. Roberts Personal Injury Lawyers works with you to determine the severity of the malfunction, its effect on you and how you should be compensated to help you get your life back to normal.

The hazards of automotive defects

A car is only safe if all its parts and pieces are working correctly. When they’re not, terrible accidents are a real possibility:

  • Airbag injury — If they’re not calibrated properly, the force of these reactive devices may cause more damage than they prevent.
  • Defective child seats — Protecting your most precious cargo, seats for infants and toddlers must come with proper installation instructions to protect your children effectively.
  • Car brakes — Having your car brakes fail is one of the most frightening experiences possible on the open road and puts you at risk of a deadly collision.
  • Motorcycle issues — No matter how good the rider, if something on a bike fails to work, a motorcyclist can lose control and crash.

Lead poisoning

Old buildings may be decorated with lead-based paint, and some foreign toys are still produced with lead components. Children are typically the most at risk of the hazardous effects of lead in the bloodstream. Lead-contaminated dust can also be inhaled unawares, putting your health in danger.

Medical or pharmaceutical liability

Doctors swear an oath to “do no harm.” When their tools fail them or they make a mistake, and you’re the one who suffers, you deserve to be awarded damages.

  • Defective devices — Doctors rely on medical equipment to help them do their jobs and to assist patients while they’re on their own, but if something isn’t working properly, the results can be harmful or even deadly.
  • Prescription side effects — Drug companies include a long list of side effects with pills and other medications, but they are still liable for your health if their drug causes an unexpected adverse reaction.
  • Pharmaceutical liability — Doctors and pharmacists must ensure that you aren’t given a mix of drugs that has a harmful effect on your health.

Medical products liability

Surgically implanted devices and implements, such as bone grafts and pacemakers, must be installed carefully or the human body will reject them. If one of these products is improperly installed, it can put the host in great danger of injury, illness or death.

Work with a CA lawyer who knows how to handle manufacturing companies

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