Falls happen, but property owners are responsible to prevent them if at all possible. When someone fails to maintain the grounds or building, and you get injured, you deserve to be paid for your pain, suffering and medical costs. Steven P. Roberts Personal Injury Attorney examines your case, discusses your options and your needs, and fights to get you the compensation you deserve.

Common locations of slip and fall accidents

A fall can happen anywhere, but there are a few key “danger zones” property owners should keep an eye on to protect their guests, tenants and employees:

  • Sidewalk — Sidewalks are exposed to the elements and a great deal of foot traffic. Any trash or debris on a sidewalk may cause a fall.
  • Parking lot — Vehicles sometimes leave oil or grease in parking areas, making it hazardous to walk. In addition, any vehicle accident on the premises can be a danger to visitors.
  • Stairs and ramps — Steps in disrepair and uneven terrain and features make it easy for you to lose your balance.
  • Restaurant — With food and drinks being carried around and busy workers in the kitchen, a restaurant is a prime location for a slip and fall. With hot surfaces and knives involved, serious burns or puncture injuries may also result.

Whatever the cause, California law states that the property owner is responsible for maintaining the premises and taking action if there is an unreasonable risk of harm. If the owner refuses to pay, a slip and fall attorney can assist you with your claim.

Typical injuries in a slip and fall

A fall may result in serious injuries, depending on how and where you fall. Common injuries include:

  • Hip, ankle, wrist and arm fractures — Any fall can move a joint the wrong way or impact a limb hard enough to break a bone.
  • Lacerations — Trash or debris on a sidewalk or other area can cause a fall that results in cuts, scrapes or deeper wounds.
  • Back and head trauma — Falling onto your head or back can result in concussion, contusion or spinal cord injuries.

If you have suffered any sort of injury due to someone else’s negligence, you are entitled to compensation. Steven P. Roberts Personal Injury Attorney has had success in more than 95 percent of client cases, securing payment for lost income, medical costs, personal suffering and other damages.

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