Trains are fast and can carry a lot of people or cargo, making them a useful form of transportation. Unfortunately, it also makes them very dangerous if anything goes wrong, with the potential to do a lot of damage and injure a lot of people. There were more than 1,000 railway crossing-related injuries in 2011 alone, so it’s important to be aware that things don’t always go right. If you were involved in a railway accident, Steven P. Roberts Personal Injury Lawyers can help you get compensation and medical care.

Types of train accidents in San Luis Obispo and Fresno Counties

There are several different ways a train can get into an accident, with varying results and damage:

  • Derailment — A train going too fast or carrying an unwieldy load can come off its tracks, and once it does, it’s easy for the train to fall over or collide with something.
  • Collision with train — When two trains collide, the shock is powerful, even if they are moving slowly in a station.
  • Collision with vehicle — A car on the railroad tracks or too close to the side of tracks will take a lot of damage from a train, but it can also stop or derail the train.
  • Collision with pedestrian — A collision with a pedestrian isn’t enough to stop a train, but such accidents are usually fatal and often involve a hard brake to try and stop before the person is hit.

Damages available to train accident victims

The high capacity of trains put more people at risk during an accident. Most of these kinds of vehicles don’t have restraint systems at every seat, so passengers are jarred and thrown during an accident. Injuries include head and back damage from falls and possible fractures. If you were involved in a train derailment or collision, an attorney can help you get payment for:

  • Medical bills — Your initial treatments for any injuries suffered can be costly, and the rail company should cover them.
  • Home healthcare costs — Even after a railway incident, you may have chronic discomfort or late onset symptoms from the event.
  • Medical monitoring — Your symptoms may require continuing attention or testing from a healthcare professional.
  • Property damage — If your car or other personal property was damaged during a train accident, you may need assistance getting it repaired or replaced.

Make sure rail companies take responsibility for your injuries

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