Workplace safety is closely governed by organizations like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Nevertheless, there were 4,609 deaths in the workplace in 2011. Employers are responsible for keeping their employees safe at all times, and when they don’t, Steven P. Roberts Personal Injury Lawyers holds them accountable.

Common occupational accidents in Central California

Workplace injuries aren’t limited to factories and construction sites. Accidents can happen in stores, offices or any location. Common problems to watch for include:

  • Machine entanglement — If onsite equipment doesn’t have the proper safeguards, or it malfunctions while in use, an employee can get a limb caught in the machinery, possibly requiring amputation.
  • Vehicle accidents — Working vehicles, including forklifts, construction equipment and on-site transportation carts, can run into someone, drop their load or collide with one another.
  • Slip and fall — If a work environment isn’t properly cleaned and maintained, workers can be at risk of slipping on loose parts, debris or spills.
  • Overexertion — When employees try to lift more than they should or move something heavy without the proper safety harnesses and protective gear, they can sprain or tear muscles, becoming incapacitated.
  • Falling objects — Inventory and materials must be properly stored or an unexpected jolt may cause them to topple onto a worker.

Typical worksite injuries and prevention

Onsite work injuries are almost always preventable with the right equipment, policies and training. When a worker suffers one of these injuries while on the job, responsibility falls to the employer:

  • Head injuries — Hard hats, eye protection and ear protection help prevent head wounds and skull fractures for workers.
  • Neck and back — Employees should have the necessary lifting aids and head support to prevent back strain and stress on the neck.
  • Burns and shocks — Working with potent chemicals and powerful energy sources requires proper gloves, attire and shielding to protect employees in the event of a spill or power surge.
  • Wrongful death — In unsafe conditions, an employee can be severely injured or killed by machinery, falling items or out-of-control vehicles. A death at work costs businesses $1,420,000 on average.

Know that injuries on the job are unacceptable and you should be compensated

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