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Fresno product liability attorneyWhen people purchase or use manufactured products, they expect that the manufacturers of those products have diligently followed strict regulations to ensure that the products are safe to use. Product liability in the world of law refers to products that are usually tangible personal property, that cause injuries to those that are using the products. Our Fresno Product Liability Attorney is experienced in a variety of these kinds of cases

Unfortunately, this is not often the case and when defects arise, it can lead to serious injury for exposed consumers. Product liability cases usually involve harm caused to a consumer as a result of a defective item or product resulting from the manufacturer, designer, or distributor’s negligence. This is why you need to hire our Fresno personal injury attorney to help. Harvard Business Review reminds people that zero defects in products are impossible to achieve, therefore accidents will still happen.

The negligence in product liability cases sometimes includes the failure to resolve earlier discovered defects, or failure to label, indicate, or warn consumers about important product details.

Sadly, when these injuries occur, they will put consumers in a very difficult position. This is why the Fresno personal injury lawyers make it their duty to help people who have been affected by product defects of this nature. We are available to work with you to determine the effects of these defects on you and help you recover the just compensation you need to move on with your life.

When Injuries Result from Manufacturing Defects

No product should be dangerous to use when it is properly manufactured. However, manufacturing defects occur far more often than many people are aware of.

These defects are often a result of failure to follow proper standards of manufacturing imposed by regulatory agencies. It could also be a result of a failure to follow the design parameters specified by technical departments.

When Injuries Result from Design Defects

Defective products sometimes also result from improper design. In this case, the manufacturers followed the exact blueprint created by the designers of the product, but the designer had committed an error in judgment. Tort Laws define a defective product as unreasonably dangerous to the user when it's used in the way it's intended to be used.

These forms of defects occur less frequently than manufacturing errors, but when they do, the resulting harm is usually of higher magnitude. Such a product had been inadvertently designed to fail or harm consumers, and it is often more complicated to assign blame in court.

When Injuries Result from Lack of Warnings or Proper Labels

Sometimes, the products have been properly designed and manufactured, but they are so configured that, if used incorrectly, they have the capacity to inflict serious harm on the user.

The manufacturer has a duty to inform consumers on how to utilize or operate the product with appropriate warning signs and labels. Where none was provided or packaged alongside the product, and you suffer an injury as a consequence, you may have a claim for product liability.

Additionally, product liability injury can also result in cars, when one or some parts of the vehicle do not work properly. It can occur in old buildings, where tenants or owners are not warned about the possibility of lead poisoning. In medical products, such as when some medical equipment is faulty and give wrong readings or when certain surgically implanted devices are not properly installed in the body, etc.

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