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    Insurance companies have the right to examine the validity of a claim before they pay any compensation to an injured person, but they are not allowed to deny legitimate claims.

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    $2,600,000 Legal Malpractice
    $1,000,000 Auto Accident
    $1,000,000 Auto Accident

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    Get a free consultation with Steven P. Roberts Personal Injury Attorney. Let us get you the compensation you require.

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Injury Lawyer in San Luis Obispo & Fresno Securing the Financial and Medical Support You Need

Serving clients injured in accidents or harmed by negligent behavior throughout CA

An injury or accident puts a strain on your health, finances and well-being. Add the stress of a legal battle, and it becomes overwhelming. Steven P. Roberts Personal Injury Attorney offers outstanding advocacy in the courtroom. We work with experts and pursue the insurance companies to maximize your compensation for damages. When you need representation in local, state or federal court following an accident, injury or death, you can count on us.

Accept nothing less than the compensation you deserve

A personal injury takes its toll by costing you both money and time — time you can't work, time you spend recuperating and time spent dealing with insurance companies. Steven P. Roberts has been a personal injury attorney with Belsher, Becker & Roberts since 1999 and a partner for 10 years. We put our record of success to work for you by providing representation that is:

  • Results oriented — In the past 10 years, Steven P. Roberts has prosecuted more than 650 cases with a 96 percent success rate through arbitration, mediation, settlement and, when necessary, trial.
  • Strategic — We know the tactics insurance companies use to minimize payments to victims. They'll often offer a smaller settlement before the real cost of damages is assessed, but we won't accept any offer that doesn't cover all your needs.
  • Client focused — We treat every client like a partner, working directly with you instead of communicating through a junior attorney and using our contacts in the medical field to get you the care you require.

Representing clients who've suffered due to accidents or negligence

Whatever type of accident you experienced, we'll help you file a claim to get the monetary damages you're entitled to receive. Steven P. Roberts Personal Injury Attorney works with a network of medical professionals to understand the nature of your injuries and how they will affect your future. The cases we handle include the following:

  • Head and spine injuries — Injuries involving the back, skull and brain are some of the most expensive, costing insurers more than half a billion dollars in the past 10 years. Insurance companies are not on your side; they are running businesses and will try to improve their bottom line at your expense.
  • Motorcycle accidents — As a fellow rider, Steven P. Roberts understands the dangers motorcyclists face, and the rights they have on the road.
  • Insurance disputes – If you've filed an injury claim and had it rejected, it's not too late to hire an attorney to support you.
  • Wrongful death — Losing a loved one to an accident is a sudden and painful event, but you may be entitled to payment for damages as a result of your loss.

If you or a loved one has been injured in San Luis Obispo County or Fresno County, we can help

Get a free consultation with Steven P. Roberts Personal Injury Attorney. You'll sit down with a lawyer, not a junior lawyer, to discuss your injury, the care you will need in the future and how to get the compensation you require. Contact us online or call us at 805.250.1511 to set up an appointment in downtown San Luis Obispo, just off the 101. We serve clients at our newly expanded Fresno offices as well.

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