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Aggressive California Accident and Injury Law Firm
  • Personal Injury Lawyers. San Luis Obispo, CA

    Steven P. Roberts is an expert lawyer in personal injury cases. He knows that insurance companies try to avoid paying when you claim injuries resulting from unexpected accidents. As an experienced injury attorney, he knows that accidents due to the negligence of others cause time out from work, loss of earned income, physical trauma, and lingering emotional distress. Accidents can threaten your career, destroy your business, damage your home life, and tear your family apart. Mr. Roberts will ask about your well-being first and foremost, before scheduling a consultation regarding the facts of your accident or injury. See for yourself the personal reviews that Steven P. Roberts has received from clients who won their personal injury cases. Their testimonies leave no doubt that Steven P. Roberts is one of the best personal injury attorneys in San Luis Obispo.
  • Personal Injury & Accident Attorneys. Fresno, CA

    Whatever type of accident you have been in, we will help you; whether it’s a car wreck, a head or back injury from a slip and fall, a bite from the neighbor’s dog, or the malpractice of a doctor leading to the wrongful death of a loved one, or the wrongful birth of your child. Steven P. Roberts Personal Injury Attorneys spend the time it takes to develop your case through careful consultation and accident investigation. We work with many medical professionals and accident experts to discover the cause and extent of your injuries; and how those injuries might cause damage to your future. We pursue the best lawsuit option for you, whether it be by jury trial or cash settlement. The legal team of Steven P. Roberts puts together the most comprehensive list of your damages so you can receive the maximum compensation.

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